Developing Mental Freedom ~ Day Course

with Gen Kelsang Leksang

Usually we find it difficult to control our mind. It seems as if our mind is like a balloon blown around in the wind – blown here and there by external circumstances. If things go well, our mind is happy, but if they go badly our mind is unhappy.
On this course we will explore how we can develop the freedom to choose happiness. We will learn how we can do this by relying upon positive states of mind instead of external objects to make us happy.

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Hourly Schedule

Saturday 28th May

9.00 - 9.50am
Welcome Tea/Coffee in the Cafe
10.00 - 11.15am
Session 1
12.15 - 1.00pm
Session 2
3.00 - 4.15pm
Session 3


May 28 2022


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