Mind Matters ~ Weekend Meditation Retreat

with Kadam Chris Heyes

Peaceful Mind Happy Life

Come and experience the peace within your mind and let go of worries, stress and mental business.

Over this retreat Kadam Chris will explain the power and nature of the mind.

By understanding our mind we can learn to control our mind and by controlling our mind we can maintain a peaceful mind. By maintaining a peaceful mind each and every day we can be happy every day. The method to accomplish inner peace is meditation.

Kadam Chris will guide simple meditations that will enable us to enjoy the stillness & peace within our mind.

No previous meditation experience necessary. Everyone welcome.

Important please read the following information before booking.

* Accommodation at the centre during courses is limited. For information and pricing see the booking page.

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Apr 16 - 18 2021


  • Kadam Chris Heyes
    Kadam Chris Heyes

    Kadam Chris Heyes is the Resident Teacher of Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre in Leicester

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