International Centre for Modern Buddhism and Temple for World Peace

Due to the International Summer Festival we are closed to day visitors from Mon 16 July until we reopen on Sat 18 Aug 2018. Everyone is welcome to attend the festival - more information and booking.

Gen-la Dekyong's International Schedule

As well as being the Resident Teacher here at Manjushri KMC, Gen-la also teaches at major events throughout the world. Below is her international teaching schedule and links to these special events.

Jul 27 - Aug 11: International Summer Festival, UK

Sep 7 - 9: Swiss-Italian-Austrian National Festival

Sep 14 - 18: German National Festival

Sep 21 - 23: Brisbane Temple Opening

Nov 1 - 4: Chilean National Festival

Nov 9 - 11: Argentinian National Festival

Nov 14 - 20: Brazilian National Festival