International Centre for Modern Buddhism and Temple for World Peace

Day Courses

Day courses offering practical solutions to everyday problems of modern living derived from the teachings of Buddha.

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Courses consist of brief prayers and teachings followed by guided meditations. Refreshments are served between sessions and it is possible to book in for a two-course vegetarian meal in the main dining room or enjoy a light lunch in our World Peace Cafe in the conservatory.

These day courses take place in one of our meditation rooms in the main building which is located up a set of stairs.

Course fees £20
Lunch (optional) +£5

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Day Course – What to do When Things go Wrong

Mar 28, 2020

When things don’t work out the way we want them to our usual reaction is to become upset or disappointed. But this just makes us feel bad and less able to deal with the situation. Through meditation we can learn to accept whatever happens with a calm and peaceful mind that helps us to stay positive and turn any situation, however difficult, to our advantage. 

Day Course – Freedom from Anxiety

May 2, 2020

Worry and anxiety are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society, but if we understand their causes in the mind it is possible to gradually reduce and eventually overcome them through meditation and other practices. In this way we can become completely free from anxiety and worry. 

Day Course – Relax and Enjoy Life

Jun 27, 2020

Let go of Grasping

At present our mind is tormented by grasping of many forms – grasping at possessions, friends, feelings, ideas, and even our sense of who we are. All our negativity and the suffering to which it gives rise comes from this grasping, especially our self-grasping. Buddha taught simple methods to reduce and eventually abandon all our grasping, and in this way become free from suffering.