Out of the Ordinary ~ Day Course

with Kadam Adam Starr

Introduction to Tantra

Buddha’s Tantric teachings harness the power of imagination to step out of our ordinary ways of relating to ourselves and life, and instead accomplish a powerful inner transformation that leads to the deepest inner peace and happiness.

Discover how integrating Tantric meditation and practise into our everyday lives can affect the deepest healing of suffering and its causes within our mind, as well as accelerate the process of realising our full spiritual potential for qualities such as love, compassion and wisdom, that ultimately leads to the supreme peace and happiness of enlightenment, and thereby the perfect ability to help others accomplish the same.

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Hourly Schedule

Saturday 22nd April

9.00 - 9.50am
Welcome Tea & Coffee in the Café
10.00 - 11.15am
Session 1
12.15 - 1.00pm
Session 2
3.00 - 4.15pm
Session 3


Apr 22 2023


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