International Centre for Modern Buddhism and Temple for World Peace

Everyone Welcome

Manjushri KMC is an internationally renowned centre for meditation, where everyone is welcome to enjoy a peaceful environment or join in the many programmes offered throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a day visit to the Buddhist Temple, house or grounds, an introduction to Buddhist meditation, or in depth courses and retreats, Manjushri KMC offers an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Daily free 15 minute guided meditations

Held in the World Peace Temple, everyone welcome. Each day there is a guided meditation at 12.30pm and 2pm.

Upcoming Events

Meditation for Busy People

Weekly Drop-in Meditation Classes

February 12 - April 16

UK Dharma Celebration

Buddha Maitreya Empowerment

April 19 - 22

Weekend Meditation Retreat with Gen Lekma

Happiness Made Easy

April 26 - 28


The new brochure features a series of new courses and events for 2018 - 2019.

Beginners Meditation Classes


Meditation for Busy People
Finding peace in a hectic world
new meditation classes starting Feb 12
Tuesdays 7.30 – 9pm
Suitable for everyone, these classes focus on how to meditate and use Buddhist understanding to solve daily problems.

We need to practice meditation. Why? Because we want to be happy all the time! Happiness depends on peace of mind, which in turn depends on meditation. Learn how to make yourself and others happy through meditation, and how to meditate whatever you are doing in your busy life.
Fee: £5


Morning Meditation
10 – 10.45am - in the Temple


15 minute guided meditations
12.30pm and 2pm in the Temple


Prayers for World Peace
10.30 – 11.45am - on April 7 & 14 this class will be held in the North Wing Meditation Room

volunteers working happy people

Volunteering Visits

Take a break with a difference

Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a rewarding break
where you can quickly feel part of our thriving community.