Visitor Comments

Amazing, lot’s to think about and reflect on. Just been to the Sunday world peace teachings.

Brian & Kathy

Amazing place, we loved every minute of it. Thank you.

Denise & TonyNorth Wales

May 3rd visit. It was very, very good. Such a peaceful place.

L BowleyLancashire

Really interesting & peaceful. Beautiful Temple, Thank you.

David & ChristineLincolnshire

Good for contemplation.

Rob MalletBurnley

I liked the feeling of openness and welcome about the place.

NathanFlorida, USA

This is a place that makes me believe world peace can be achieved.


Very peaceful and special place to reflect on life and look forward.

Gene BOntario

Very peaceful experience in the Temple. Never been anywhere like that before!


The most amazing and moving experience, especially the Temple.

Jeffrey MAmarillo, Texas

Great guided tour – our talkative eight year old had all his questions answered.

Vanessa & JohnLancaster

Love the woods and walking on the beach. Very peaceful.